2022 summer camp

There will be a very limited number of spots for small RVs. Please contact David for details and pricing! If there is interest in Large RVs with shore power please contact David as well.


These are reserved exclusively for groups of 4 – 8 people and consist of a large sleeping space with 8 beds. Each bungalow is connected to an identical bungalow by a shared area with dressing room and bathroom. If you do not choose bunkmates we will chose for you as there is very limited availability for these spaces so they need to be occupied by parties no small than 4 people.
$ 300
  • Add up to 7 guests
  • Loud, Quiet, or Family


These are large canvas tents that have four bunk beds in each tent and are able to accommodate up to 8 people. As of now these can be reserved by a single person. These are rustic tents with sides that roll up.
$ 200
  • No occupancy minimum
  • Bunk Beds


Bring your own tent and stake your claim, There will be some restrictions on where you can’t camp. A pass is required for each person occupiying a tent.
$ 150
  • Pitch A Tent
  • Tent Space Only

Children Under 6 FREE!

PLEASE NOTE: Upon receipt of your payment, you will receive an email confirmation and your name is added to the data base. If you are purchasing tickets for a group of people, you will receive the receipt for all participants. Upon arrival at camp you will checked in and given your credentials. 



August 11, 12, 13 14th 2022

The camp is right on the shores of Lake Erie and has more than 300 acres of land with all the typical camp activities. Everything will be included in the price of admission.

The price of admission will include: 

– Accommodations; (However you must bring your own pillows, bedding, towels and such.) 

– All meals; 

– All on campus activities; 

– All entertainment like comedians and live music; 

– All panel discussions and demonstrations.


All meals will be provided, including themed meals.


The camp will be divided into three areas:

  • Loud (Loud is relative here) where people can stay up late talking around fires, playing games, passing a guitar around; 
  • Quiet, which is in a more secluded area of accommodations for people with younger children, or those who prefer to retire early. The camp has lots of private bathrooms and showers such that we will be able to provide each group with their own facilities.
  • Family Camp, where participants with kids can camp and, in the evenings, enjoy the company of other parents around a bonfire, while the kids sleep close by.

Tickets will be sold based on lodging choice as follows:

Bungalows, $300/per person: These are reserved exclusively for groups of 4 – 8 people and consist of a large sleeping space with 8 beds – one of which is a queen sized. This space is connected to an identical mirror space that shares a bathroom, dressing room, and some closet spaces in between. These bungalows also have front and back porches and usually have a fire pit directly in front of each one, however the fire pit is not guaranteed. Still, there are fire pits all over camp, and it should not be hard to find one that is not being used. If you need help moving one, just flag down one of the golf carts and the driver will be happy to help you. 

Rustic Army Style Tents, $200/per person: These are large canvas tents that have four bunk beds in each tent and are able to accommodate up to 8 people. There is no minimum number of people required to buy a ticket for the Rustic Tents, so it is up to the campers to decide if they want to share a Rustic Tent. The Rustic Tents do not have bathrooms, but indoor bathrooms are located nearby in the camp’s lodges. 

Tent Camping, $150/per person: Bring your own tent and stake your claim. There will be some restrictions on where you can’t camp, but compared to the number of places where you can camp restrictions will be very few. The main objective of tent camping restrictions will be to make sure no one is camping in an area where they could be hit by a vehicle or otherwise harmed. Upon arrival, be sure to ask Fred or David for some suggestions. They have scoped out the whole Camp and know of a number of really great, cozy, private, spots, that would be ideal for tent campers. 

RVs: There is the possibility of RVs being at Summer Camp this year, however the best way to discuss this is to contact David directly. 



Camp Activities will include: 

Archery, Rifles, BB guns, Hatchet Throwing, Canoeing, Fishing, Rope Swing, Stand Up Paddleboarding, Sea Kayaking, Sailing, Jet skiing, Tubing, Beach hike/ beach glass hunting, Rock Climbing, Zip line, Hobby Farm (Goats, pigs, chickens, rabbits), Trail Rides (on horseback), Nature Center (snakes, turtles, toads), fire building, crafts, Other campy or outdoorsy activities (mestival, capture the flag, nature hike, candle making, etc)… 

 For more information, visit the Camp Fitch Website!


Our current lineup includes some seriously apocalypse worthy entertainers! Click the links below for more information and check back often for updates on additional performers, performance times, and whatever other neat stuff we discover!


Toasters: 4 Decades of Ska
Smilo and the Ghost
Diggin Roots Band


Toasters: 4 Decades of Ska
Smile and the Ghose
Diggin Roots Band

ALL SALES FINAL: Acknowledging the uncertain path of the current COVID-19 situation, the ASC Summer Camp is committed to a caring and compassionate approach to cancellations during this global pandemic. All camp ticket purchases are non-refundable. However, should the planned dates of camp be adversely affected by the pandemic, camp will be postponed one year, August 11, 12, 13, 14th 2023, and all tickets will be transferred to the new date.